Event Description - REGISTRATION WILL SELL OUT! This event has limitations in space. We can only park a certain number of vehicles in the Pemberton Parking area, which means, only a limited number of entries will be sold. We've kept the entry price the same, and continue to offer as much in...

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Event Details


This event has limitations in space. We can only park a certain number of vehicles in the Pemberton Parking area, which means, only a limited number of entries will be sold. We've kept the entry price the same, and continue to offer as much in the way of take-home swag as possible. We look forward to having you join us at this event, but when it's sold out... it's sold out. There isn't a waiting list; we sell out, send the shirts and race plates off to the printer to be custom printed.

What do you look for in an endurance mountain bike event? Avoid drama of over-crowded events and sign up for the annual Chipotle Mexican Grill Dawn to Dusk endurance mountain bike event. 10 hours on the Pemberton trail at McDowell Mountain Regional Park. Venue is once again at the Pemberton Trailhead. This event has a cap on participation due to the limited space at the venue and because you really don't want to have to sit in a pack of riders, passing when you can rather than when you want to... Space is limited to 125 SOLO riders, 100 TWO-Person, 50 FOUR-Person and 10 CORPORATE entries: This is a total of 285 entries = 285 folks on trail maximum (it's a 16 mile loop). Want more incentive? ok, we put your NAME ON THE SHIRT you get (limited to those entered by NOVEMBER 25... after that, you get to give us the sad face at packet pick-up. Check the details below...


Dawn to Dusk proudly supports the MARSOC Foundation, a non-profit organization established to provide benevolent support to active duty and medically retired Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) personnel and their families as well as to the families of MARSOC Marines and Sailors who have lost their lives in service to our Nation.  The MARSOC Foundation aims to meet needs unmet by the government with an emphasis on building personal and family resiliency and supporting the full reintegration of MARSOC Marines and Sailors following wounds, injuries and extended deployments.

Course Description

Over the last four years, the Pemberton Trail at McDowell Mountain Regional Park has shown us it’s wicked and wonderful sides. This trail is a fantastic course for this event because of the variety and the amazingly scenic views of the Sonoran desert. The 15.5-mile (SAME AS LAST YEAR) loop will be traveled in a counter clockwise direction and each lap will snake you through the venue where you may refuel, rest or exchange your lap card with your teammate so they can take a turn out on the course.

Race Support

A self feed zone and a public feed zone will be loaded with Snacks. DCB Extreme Adventures and DCB Medical will staff the course and ensure you make it to the post-event festivities!

Coffee, Food & Beer will be sold; portion of the proceeds (the majority of them) will go to charity and back to the Park that gives us such lovely trails to ride!

Divisions and Awards


Category   Field Limit Spaces Left
Solo Male, Female 125 125
Duo (2) Male, Female, Mixed 100 100
Quad (4) Male, Female, Mixed 50 50
Corporate (Up to 7 Riders) Male, Female, Mixed 10 10

Yea, we know... ypu were going to register... well, if a category sells out, here's your only option. We will allow entrants to switch their category at packet pick-up from:

- QUAD to 2 DUO's or visa versa...

- DUO to 2 SOLO's or visa versa...

WHICH MEANS - "I want to do the race"... You (your team) need to sign up in the only category that is left (solo means each register as an individual)... then race day we swap you into the category you wish to compete in race day.

NO splitting teams up. No refunds or additional parking passes will be issued. (If you haven't been to the event, the space will fill up, and we will make you park int he overflow parking area 2 MILES AWAY... no Bueno!... We limit and set some guidelines for the greater good, not because we don't like you)


Corporate Teams receive super-cool perks!

  • Logo on the event t-shirt
  • Reserved Team Tent placement
  • Reserved venue parking There are no minimums or maximums for team size for Corporate Teams.


Top 3 finishers in each of the Dawn To Dusk categories. NEW THIS YEAR! 100+ Club awards for solo's completeing 7 or more laps!

Schedule of Events

August 1 - Registration Opens

OCTOBER 1 - Price Increase!

Week of November 16 - E-mail confirmation to registered participants

THURSDAY, December 8 - Venue set up; Participants are not yet allowed to move in.

FRIDAY, December 9


Venue Opens - Due to the creative workings of the participants in making duplicate passes last year. We will have a sign in sheet at the entrance of the Pemberton trailhead parking area this year. Once you have secured your space, your team will not be allowed enter the parking lot. Please work with your teammates to carpool your stuff in, or plan on parking in the overflow parking lots and shuttling to the venue. Again, ONLY one vehicle per team; no team taking up more than 200 square feet.


Corporate: 10 teams      Against the venue wooden fence (I'll have this marked off)
Quad (4 person Team)   They get 1 pass for the whole team (50 Quad teams)
Duo (2 person Team)     They get 1 pass for the whole team (100 Duo teams)
Solo (1 person)              They get 1 pass each (125 solos)
                                     = 285 spots... We will run out of space; so please don't be that person driving into the venue with the 40' camper for one team. We will ask you to camp in the overflow parking area, or get an RV spot with the park.

2:00pm - 8:00pm Packet Pick-up and late registration All athletes must check in themselves in order to sign the USA Cycling waiver (This is a USA Cycling sanctioned competitive event, you will either have to pay the $5 one day license fee, or show your USA Cycling ID)
9:00pm Gates CLOSE for drop off - Lights out and quiet time

** You will be able to pick up your packet race and allowed up to drop off your gear (if you have a secured spot, you will be allowed to drop your kit off on Friday, but cannot remain in the venue with your vehicle). Other than the Corporate entries, no one will be allowed to remain in the north lot area on Friday until registration closes. Once the lot fills, we will discontinue parking anyone in the Pemberton trailhead lot.

**DROP OFF MY STUFF - for those dropping off stuff in your team tent; you can do this until 9PM Friday. After that, the gates close, and you'll have to ride/shuttle it in on Saturday at o'dark-thirty.

** SPECIAL TIP - This one's a trick we saw work last year: BEFRIEND A SOLO - Hitch a ride in on Saturday morning and they can take you into the venue!

No specific SOLO specific area will be set aside... so plan on a Friday load in... even if it's to secure your 10X10 area with a tent. Remember, once you do this, you will not be allowed to drive into the lot race day.

The Race Start is near the entrance to the park, so if you drop all your stuff on Friday, you can park in the overflow lots and ride in, or if you're first up, you can hang out and wait for the start.

Day of parking will be located at the race start at the competitive track overflow lot. Plan ahead, and don't tell us you didn't know 'cause its the 5th year doing this.


SATURDAY December 10

5:30am - 6:30am Packet Pick-up
7:23am - Sunrise Dawn to Dusk begins
4:45pm Must be on course for last lap
5:20pm - Sunset Course sweep
2pm - 4pm Dawn to Dusk Awards and Chipotle Burrito's for D2D participants!

Post-Race Celebration

Don’t be in a hurry to take off after this event! We have more swag than we can possibly mention!  

Event Sanctioning Body

USA Cycling sanctions Dawn to Dusk. One of the conditions of sanctioning is that each athlete must be either an annual USA Cycling member (and provide proof of such) or purchase a one-day license for $5. Please remember to bring your photo ID. USA Cycling waiver CLICK HERE to download the waiver and fill it out beforehand.


Category Early Registration Fee Late Registration Fee
Solo $110 $130
Duo $200 $220
Quad $360 $440
Corporate $850 XXXXXXXXXXX

** Overall field is limited to entries due to space at the venue.

Directions and Parking


  • East on Shea Blvd ~9 miles to Fountain Hills Blvd
  • North onto Fountain Hills Blvd (name changes to McDowell Mountain Rd) ~ 7 miles to McDowell Mountain Park Rd
  • Arrive at McDowell Mountain Regional Park


** ALL REGISTRANTS WILL BE GIVEN ONE PARKING PASS PER TEAM. ONLY THOSE WITH PARKING PASSES WILL BE ALLOWED ONTO SHALAMO DRIVE, AND IT WILL BE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE CAMPING ** No SOLO specific area will be set aside... so plan on a Friday load in... FYI, the venue is TIGHT! We place you in your spot just like the fine folks at your favorite amusement park. You are limited to a 10X10 space per parking pass. You may work together to enlarge your space, however we still get those folks who push the limits. Plan ahead, work with us and it'll be a great day. Please note that we have a shuttle that runs all day from the overflow lot to the venue for your pleasure. Please tip the driver!

Arrival Options:

Good: Race morning. Solo's that have not picked up their packets will be provided a parking pass and allowed into the venue. Teams will be allowed the same, however only ONE vehicle per team.

Better: Arrive Friday, get your pass, set up your stuff (it will be safe) and drive away. Race day, if you need something at the tent, ride up (2 miles from the overflow parking lot) and get it. This is an excellent way to warm up a little. NO, you can't drive up once you set your stuff. no reentry, no exceptions.

Best: Arrive Friday after work, grab a six-pack and cill with me at the venue. You'll be able to sleep in, you can get a wake-up call and the maid will put a mint on your pillow. You will enjoy this event exponentially more than ever! I'll randomly walk around giving free stuff away to the folks who made camping overnight part of their experience. It's going to great weather!

Entry to the park is $6. It is the athletes’ responsibility to pay for and display their parking pass. Please park in designated areas.


Fountain Hills is the nearest metropolitan area to McDowell Mountain Regional Park. Please visit www.fountainhillschamber.com for information on accommodation, restaurants and activities in Fountain Hills. Camping is available at McDowell Mountain Regional Park. Please visit www.maricopa.gov/parks/mcdowell for more information regarding camping.

It's great weather, good company... why not plan on hanging out with friends under the stars... really, is your bed THAT comfortable?

See you out there :)


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